Efficacy of Dismate PE

Dismate PE System

The efficacy of the Dismate PE mating disruption system was evaluated throughout 2008 in a factory of a breakfast cereal manufacturer. In the areas protected with the Dismate PE system, the level of moths caught in monitoring traps were consistently recorded at three or less per week.

In 2009, at the same site, pheromone monitoring trap results showed a complete absence of moths during 10 months of the year, and only one to two moths per week in the months of March and April. This is indicative that Dismate PE causes significant disruption to the moth's mating behaviour, resulting in a significantly reduced moth population.

Benefits of the application of Dismate PE

Indian Meal Trap Catches 2008 Indian Meal Trap Catches 2008

Dismate PE performance has been proven through 10 years of continuous trials and improvements in real life manufacturing conditions. During these 10 years of large scale application of Dismate PE, fumigation was deemed unnecessary which resulted in significant cost savings.

A zero resident insect population can be achieved after 12 months of continuous application, resulting in a reduction in product wastage and customer complaints. Dismate PE is a non-toxic, residue free system that can be safely used in food processing and stored product areas. The application of the Dismate PE system has been shown to control Plodia and Ephestia species in susceptible food processing premises.

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